About us

We're Wales' award-winning trade body for sustainable energy & infrastructure

What do you do?
We make Wales a better place by promoting clean energy and sustainable infrastructure. We make our members more successful, reduce barriers for community energy projects and engage with the public. Oh, and we organise amazing events.

Are you easy to work with?
Yes. We love working with our members and with as many people and organisations as we can across Wales.

How do you make your money?
We charge for membership and events. We are a not-for-profit company, so all the money we make goes back into supporting our members and the wider sector.

What else should I know?
We’re award-winning. We want Wales to get the maximum possible benefit from our transition to a sustainable economy. 

Sara Powell-Davies

Sara Powell-Davies

Communications Manager

Sara is experienced in media relations, PR and event management.  Sara manages all of RenewableUK Cymru’s events and provides support to our members who want to improve their own communication performance.