At a landmark gathering on Tuesday 23rd April, the newly appointed Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Energy and the Welsh Language, Jeremy Miles MS, met with representatives of Wales’ renewable energy sector at a reception in the Senedd.

Hosted by RenewableUK Cymru, the event featured an engaging ‘Ask the Expert’ drop-in session, fostering a collaborative dialogue between industry leaders and Members of the Senedd.

More than a quarter of Senedd Members from across Wales attended the event, sponsored by Samuel Kurtz MS, the new Shadow Minister for Economy and Energy. Attendees capitalised on the opportunity to ask pertinent questions about the energy transition affecting them and their constituents, including the pressing need for new grid infrastructure in Mid Wales.

RenewableUK Cymru is calling for a partnership between industry and government to overcome the strategic barriers holding Wales back from securing a clean energy future. Chief among these are an inadequate grid infrastructure, an under-resourced planning and consenting system, and a lack of port and supply chain readiness to maximise economic benefit for Wales.

Despite the clear ambition from Welsh Government for Wales to meet 100% of its electricity needs from renewable sources by 2035, progress to date is disappointingly sluggish. RenewableUK Cymru estimates that Wales needs to quadruple its current renewable energy capacity to achieve that target. However, recent data reveals a concerning trend: fewer projects are being installed year on year, exacerbating the gap between demand and supply.

RenewableUK Cymru Director Jessica Hooper said:

“We are thrilled to witness such interest and a strong turn out from the Senedd. The new Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Energy and Welsh Language, Jeremy Miles, took the time to understand the key issues holding Wales back.

“By working in partnership, we can provide the evidence base and needs case to improve our planning framework, champion the critical role our ports must play and secure a strategic solution to much needed grid infrastructure to drive economic growth and decarbonisation throughout Wales.

“The decision to consolidate the energy and economy portfolios within one ministerial role reflects the recognition of the pivotal role the energy sector plays for every citizen in Wales that wants to heat their home, power their electric vehicle, or work in an industry that supports well paid jobs. We hope this emphasises the Welsh Government’s commitment to fostering a more stable and favourable environment for renewable energy development going forward.”

Samuel Kurtz MS said:

“I was delighted to sponsor the RenewableUK Cymru event and pleased that so many of my Senedd colleagues were able to join us. 

 “There is certainly an air of excitement and positivity around the renewable energy sector in Wales which was evident from all in attendance. The sector has the potential to provide a massive boost to the Welsh economy, revitalising and reenergising communities across Wales whilst also reducing our carbon footprint.

 “Wales has a unique opportunity to harness renewable energy resources, but we must tackle all that prohibits the realisation of these opportunities. I’m grateful to the work of RenewableUK Cymru for their relentless advocacy of these opportunities.“


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