There’s always a lively debate around the scope and nature of community participation / ownership in renewable energy projects, and Wales has a plethora of success stories to celebrate.

Welsh Government is currently looking at its preferred approach to delivering around 1GW of renewable energy in community ownership by 2030 and an element of community ownership for all renewable energy projects by 2020.

We now have the added impetus of climate emergency and everything that entails, not least the requirement (according to the UK’s Climate Change Committee) to build out a fourfold increase in renewable power.

How does that demand projection apply to Wales?  What’s the right balance between well planned, community responsive, strategic scale generation which could help ‘get us there quick’ and local-level, micro-grid enabled renewables in which communities and individuals play direct roles?

We’ll be considering these issues on September 24th at our next National Assembly for Wales Cross-party energy group meeting, in conjunction with Arup and FreshwaterPR.

If you’re interested in lunch, networking, expert presenters and lively debate, see here for details.  See you on September 24th!