Wales’ worthy winners

The 2017 winners of the Wales Green Energy Awards were today announced at the awards lunch and ceremony in Cardiff Bay. This was the fifth time the awards have been awarded, with competition as high as ever.

We are hugely grateful to the sponsors of the awards; Knights Brown, Welsh Government and Freshwater.

The winners are:


The quality and range of winners of this year’s awards once again highlights the diverse nature of the sector in Wales, and the commitment to excellence of many of the people and organisations involved in the sector.

“This event is hard to beat for the enthusiasm, commitment and positivity of the attendees”

David Clubb

Commenting on the awards, David Clubb said:

“It seems fitting that these awards are taking place at the same time as COP23 is being held in Bonn, given the importance of the renewable energy sector to global efforts to combat climate change. Indeed, one of our winners today, Keith Jones, was in Germany to attend the COP.

“The last year has seen big changes; a collapse in the use of coal to generate electricity in the UK, a huge growth in offshore wind with a corresponding drop in costs, and the entry of energy storage into the mainstream of the electricity sector. We continue to enjoy strong political support, and are working hard to ensure that Wales sees as much value as possible from our sector’s activities.

“Above all, today was an opportunity to celebrate our achievements, meet with friends and acquaintances old and new, and look forward to the next year with all the challenges and opportunities it will undoubtedly bring.”