A new partnership for onshore wind in Wales

A competitive tender to pursue onshore wind development at Alwen Forest on the Conwy/Denbighshire border has been won by Innogy and Community Energy Wales.

The news was broken by Renews, and has been confirmed by sources close to the project proposal.

The Renews report quotes the Cabinet Secretary, Lesley Griffiths, as saying:

“Iā€™m pleased the successful bid has a strong community benefit which will enable local people to buy into the scheme. This approach will ensure that money generated from the scheme will stay in the local community.ā€

“This innovative partnership could be a powerful model for aligning business, community & enviromental interests”

David Clubb

Commenting on the news, David Clubb said:

“We have worked with both these organisations over the years, and their success is a tribute to their tenacity, professionalism and willingness to work in with new models of partnership.

“I look forward to seeing a continued evolution of this sort of model of development. Congratulations to all involved in the preparation of this bid.”