WWF, one of Wales’ leading environmental organisations, recently published an independent poll demonstrating the deep well of support in Wales for renewable energy.

In a statement to mark the first 100 days of the new Welsh Government, the organisation has called on the First Minister to maintain focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Only 9% of respondents disagreed with the notion that Welsh Government should invest in projects that reduce emissions. Similar figures disagreed with ideas about investing more in domestic energy efficiency, renewable electricity and renewable heat.

Most people (62%) thought that protection of the environment should lie at the heart of Wales’ decision-making.


WWF Cymru has a long track record of supporting renewable energy in Wales

Interestingly, the survey questioned people across the UK on what they think about Welsh Government’s focus on energy, rather than just asking people in Wales. However this did not prevent the majority (53%) of respondents expressing an interest in the Welsh Government’s approach to renewable energy.

Commenting on the survey results, David Clubb said:

“This survey builds on our own independent surveys which continue to demonstrate the strong support for renewable energy by the vast majority of the people of Wales.

“We welcome the work by WWF Cymru, and endorse the call for energy efficiency and renewable energy being part of the bedrock of a sustainable economy in Wales.”