The people of Wales have spoken. In a closely-matched contest, the vote for ‘Leave’ was 52.5%, with 47.5% wanting to ‘Remain’. Just five of the twenty-two local authority areas voted to remain.

In response to the vote, the First Minister, Carwyn Jones, was quick to call for an urgent overhaul of the Barnett Formula which has governed the redistribution of funds to devolved countries.

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Any impact on energy in Wales will be nuanced. Speaking about the result, David Clubb, the Director of RenewableUK Cymru said:

“The people, communities and businesses of Wales will continue to need affordable and low-carbon electricity, heat and transport fuels. The referendum result changes very little in that regard.

Our members stand ready to deliver a more sustainable and prosperous Wales through the provision of renewable energy and the sustainable infrastructure which will underpin our economy now and well into the future.”