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UKIP today launched their manifesto for the Assembly elections, with some eye-catching policies designed to raise electricity prices and increase carbon emissions.

The party, which embraces climate-change denial as a central tenet of its policy platform, has pledged to oppose ‘unsightly’ wind farms, a plan which will increase electricity bills and carbon emissions. They also commit to axing the £73m Welsh Government budget for climate change. Energy is not mentioned once in the 48-page document.

Commenting on the manifesto, David Clubb said:

“The document is scarcely worthy of serious consideration. It appears that – to UKIP – the only problem in the energy sector is an abundance of wind turbines. Carbon emissions, air pollution, energy costs, security of supply, grid issues, community energy…these are clearly not worthy of comment.

“The manifesto reveals what we already knew; UKIP have no credible policies on energy and climate change, and the party does not deserve the support of anyone who cares for the health and well-being of fellow citizens, or of future generations.”