Amber Rudd has rejected another windfarm in Wales. This time it was the turn of local developers, Mynydd Y Gwynt Ltd, to experience the consequences of the UK Government’s decision-making in energy.

The rejection of the 85MW windfarm brings the total of wind projects rejected within the first 6 months of the new government to around 640MW in mid Wales alone. At a capacity factor of 26%, the completed projects could have been generating an average of 166MW – replacing the equivalent of 6% of the proposed Hinkley C nuclear power station. Nuclear is very expensive, and onshore wind is relatively cheap.

The rejection of the windfarms eliminates the possibility of large community benefit fund packages coming to Powys, and also means a missed opportunity for hundreds of businesses to benefit from a large pipeline of projects.

Well being goals

Wales is being hamstrung in its ability to secure well-being for future generations

Commenting on the decision, David Clubb said:

“Mid Wales will be forever the poorer as a result of these decisions. The Welsh Government’s aspirations for future generations which are prosperous, resilient, healthy, vibrant and globally responsible will be ever more difficult to achieve in the current energy policy which prioritises costly forms of energy and turns its back on efficient, elegant and cost-effective renewable energy sources.”