Carl Sargeant AM, Minister for Natural Resources, will call on the energy industry to offer innovative and novel solutions to smart energy in Wales.

“In July I published Green Growth Wales: Local Energy, presenting a vision of communities and businesses using locally generated electricity and heat from a range of sources to supply local demand and minimise dependence on central generation.

“Central to that vision is connecting generation within communities and the smarter use of technology and storage to reduce dependence on major grid infrastructure.

“I am delighted to be part of today’s discussions around local energy generation and use, smart living, smart storage and smart grid.  Smart living solutions are integral to Wales’ drive towards achieving its low carbon ambitions, embracing a range of innovations from smart energy technologies to ICT and data management solutions to achieving a balance between consumer demand and supply.

“We increasingly recognise the importance of innovation to deliver next generation energy networks, from changing how we transport energy to how we manage the network.  In reality, innovation in all its forms is an important ingredient in helping to shape the future.

“We are serious about renewables in Wales and committed to working in partnership to build a world-class sector and a more prosperous Wales.” said Carl Sargeant.

His comments will be part of his keynote speech at Smart Energy Wales, the first time a conference dedicated wholly to smart energy has been held in Wales.

Sponsored by Welsh Government, Smart Energy Wales, which will be held in the SSE SWALEC Stadium, will bring together over 150 people from more than 70 organisations to talk about smart living, smart grids and smart storage.  Subjects covered in the individual sessions include an overview of what is happening in Wales at the moment, a case study about how the gas network can be used as storage for an energy park, examples of what has been done with smart energy in Cornwall and a discussion about how transport can become more integrated with consumer use of energy.

David Clubb, Director of RenewableUK Cymru, said: “Smart energy is a concept which embraces change and clean, green forms of energy.  It means doing more with less, innovating to turn challenges into opportunities, and empowering individuals, communities and businesses to take advantage or their natural resources and local environment.  We have a wonderful opportunity in Wales to blend the entrepreneurship of the private sector with the long term strategic view of different public sector partners, as well as benefitting from the strong regulatory framework offered by the Future Generations Act, and the forthcoming Environment Bill.”

Lynda Campbell is Regional Director for British Gas in Wales, which sponsored the Smart Living session.  She said: “We’ve installed over 80,000 smart meters in Welsh homes and more than any other supplier across Britain.  Smart meters give customers a way to see how much energy they’re using, in pounds and pence, putting an end to estimated bills.  That’s why we’re supporting this event, helping to make Wales a leader in smart energy.”

Tickets are still available for Smart Energy Wales at