The Welsh Government yesterday released an energy policy statement. Edwina Hart, Minister for Economy, Science and Transport, is updating policy objectives after consultation with stakeholders.

In her statement the Minister railed against the UK for the regulatory context which does not serve the best interests of Wales, and emphasised the need for a smarter and more efficient energy system.


The four pillars of the vision are to:

  • Safeguard and maximise the Welsh energy position through strong leadership across government;
  • Maximise the benefit to Wales of the transition to low carbon generation, for businesses, households and communities;
  • Maintain a business friendly and competitive environment for investment and affordable supply, and
  • Seek to secure parity and increased influence within the UK , and wider afield, for Wales and Welsh interests

The statement is bullish about the benefits of new nuclear development, but also noted renewables, modernised coal and gas generation, and refineries and ports as important strategic assets.

The Minister also makes a strong case for improved grid connectivity in Wales, with the clear implication that UK regulators and legislators have been heedless of the way in which technological and societal shifts have rendered the current grid model unfit for the future.

Commenting on the statement, David Clubb said:

“I and the other members of the Energy Wales Strategic Delivery Group recognise the challenges and opportunities for the energy sector in Wales. The Minister has clearly recognised the scale of these issues, and has galvanised an updated policy approach to tackle them.

“We look forward to working closely with the new Energy Wales Unit to help maximise the benefits to Wales from renewables, smart storage and grid, and the new energy efficiency technologies which have the potential to alleviate fuel poverty and support our businesses and communities.”