1. In a report published today, “Net Zero: The UK’s contribution to stopping global warming”, the UK Committee on Climate Change has recommended that the Welsh Government should legislate for at least a 95% reduction in all greenhouse gas emissions against the 1990 baseline by 2050.The new target could enter legislation in 2020, alongside Wales’s third carbon budget. Achieving this target would cut net emissions of long-lived greenhouse gases to below zero (the remaining 5% would be methane emissions), ending Wales’s contribution to rising global temperatures.

     Rhys Jones, Head of RenewableUK Cymru said:

    “Wales has the legislative levers to accelerate its carbon reduction ambitions and to do so in a manner which delivers tangible benefits to the Welsh economy.  We must however address the infrastructure requirements to accommodate an uplift in renewable generation while continuing to press for the right support measures to drive our world-leading renewables industry.”

     The report by the Committee on Climate Change on cutting greenhouse gas emission to net zero by 2050 highlights the key role of wind energy in tackling global warming while also keeping energy bills down for consumers.

    The CCC report sets out that “renewable power (e.g. solar, wind) is now as cheap as or cheaper than fossil fuels” and notes that policy “is therefore increasingly to enable low-carbon energy paths rather than to subsidise them”. The report envisages a doubling of electricity demand, all met by low-carbon power sources compared to 50% today. Under the scenarios in the CCC report, annual investment in the power sector will need to double to £20bn.

    The report notes that public support for action against climate change is growing, and that the UK Government’ own opinion polls show that the popularity of onshore wind has grown to an all-time high of 76%. The report recommends the introduction of a favourable policies for low-cost onshore wind. The CCC also suggests that a near-tenfold increase in offshore wind capacity is achievable by 2050.


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