We asked, you told us


April, 2018

The results are in from this year’s RenewableUK Cymru stakeholder survey.  All of the RenewableUK Cymru members surveyed  said they would recommend membership to a colleague and 91 per cent said being a member helps them to do their job better.

The annual stakeholder survey, which ran throughout March, asked people – members and non-members – what they thought of RenewableUK Cymru and what areas of its work they valued the most.

Forty per cent of the people who responded were non-members from the private sector, 37 per cent were members of either RenewableUK or RenewableUK Cymru and 23 per cent were from the public sector, an NGO, academia or a different sector.

Influencing policy or legislation was the area of work that members said is most important to them, while private sector respondents rated influencing and informing public debate as the most important.

Almost everyone who completed the survey, 97 per cent, were satisfied with the work RenewableUK Cymru does in Wales and 96 per cent rated our work in influencing policy or legislation as good to excellent.

Seventy-seven per cent rated our events as good to excellent with one respondent saying “Smart Energy Wales is one of the best conferences held in Wales.  The subject matter and the speakers are great year after year.”

“We are a small team at RenewableUK Cymru and work hard to be as effective as possible with the limited resources we have.”  – David Clubb

Help to identify potential opportunities for development to try and get more onshore wind built and getting a better understanding of all renewables, such as tidal and marine, were mentioned as things RenewableUK Cymru could do to help respondents do their job better.

Commenting about the results, David Clubb, Director of RenewableUK said:

It is good to know what things we are doing well but we also appreciate the areas people have highlighted where we need to do things differently.  I’d like to thank everyone who took part in the survey for their time and for being so open and honest – it will help improve and grow RenewableUK Cymru.