Onshore wind; remorselessly popular

BEIS yesterday published the latest opinion tracker of a suite of energy technologies and related issues. Once again, onshore wind is an extremely popular technology, and the long-term trend is of unremitting gains in public confidence and support.

The continued buoyancy in popularity is part of a long-term trend. The citizens of the UK love the technology. It’s perhaps no coincidence that onshore wind is also the most cost-effective large-scale technology.

Although onshore wind is extremely popular, it is the only mainstream technology which is excluded from the Contract for Difference auction which is held to determine the support given to renewable energy technologies.

This exclusion pushes up the overall cost of electricity for all users, meaning higher energy bills for householders, commercial users and our industry.

“Once again, onshore wind comes out trumps with the public”

David Clubb

Latest energy opinion tracker published yesterday conforms what we all know - onshore wind is massively popular

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Commenting on the latest figures, David Clubb said:

“Onshore wind is cheap, very popular and a key component in maintaining our electricity supplies

“Together with complementary energy sources such as solar, and hopefully with a new suite of tidal lagoons, wind will deliver low-cost electricity to support our manufacturing, services and help alleviate fuel poverty”.