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The final piece of the jigsaw, the Labour party manifesto, has been published. Whilst featuring extremely high production values, there is a distinct lack of detail – particularly for the energy sector.

The total content on the topic consists of:

  • Developing more renewable energy projects
  • Support the development of tidal lagoons and community energy

Energy only merits a passing mention in the manifesto

Commenting on the manifesto, David Clubb said:

“Whilst we fully endorse their stated aims of supporting renewables, including tidal lagoons and community energy, there’s no details as to how this will be achieved, and no mention of new smart technologies, storage and grid.

“The Labour party has delivered significant improvements for the energy sector over the last five years, including a hugely improved planning system, the successful development of Natural Resources Wales, the Future Generations Act and the Environment Act – which is why I’m totally baffled as to why energy is scarcely mentioned in this manifesto.”