Natural Resources Wales, the environmental custodian and regulator for Wales, benefits hugely from renewable energy developments on its estate.

In a written question to the Minister, Janet Haworth asked how much income had been received from tourism, and how much from energy generation, in the years 2013-2016.

The total sum for tourism over the three years of ¬£4,779,108 is eclipsed by just a single years’ income from energy, which totals ¬£18,845,000.

Whilst the energy total doubtless includes some fees for drilling permits for shale gas and oil exploration, these are almost certainly dwarfed by the regular income from rent, access agreements and other payments accruing from renewable energy developments.


Commenting on the findings, David Clubb said:

“These written answers demonstrate, once again, that renewable energy is a powerful force, not just for employment and the environment, but also for¬†contributing to public sector coffers.

Natural Resources Wales is a leader in maximising the benefits to the public estate from renewable energy developments, a best-practice example which local authorities in particular would do well to emulate”