Lord Bourne today lauded the idea of Green Innovation at the Cleantech Innovate event, seemingly unaware of the irony of making the call for investment the day after adding at least six months to the possibility of work starting on the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon.

Nothing categorises British innovation and entrepreneurship than the idea of creating lagoons to harness the tidal energy of the Severn and other estuaries around the coasts of the UK, and to create a huge export industry for the technology worldwide.

Sadly the UK Government seems to be less than keen to support developments which could be stimulating thousands of jobs in an area which badly needs them – south Wales – as well as making a significant contribution to our fast-shrinking electricity generating capacity.

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Although Tidal Lagoon Power have welcomed the review into the tidal lagoon sector, they have highlighted the need for a fast decision, and emphasised that the costs for the Swansea Bay project are no higher than for the Hinkley C nuclear power station.

Commenting on the announcement, David Clubb said:

“We join Tidal Lagoon Power in calling for a quick review and a quick decision. The communities of south Wales, the householders who pay electricity bills and the whole¬†construction and utility sector stand to benefit from a green light on the Swansea project.

“Lord Bourne should heed his own advice and endorse the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon for what it is; innovative, green and vital to the UK national interest.”