The Welsh Government is currently consulting on the indicators which will be used to determine whether Wales is moving in a favourable direction for the well-being of our future generations. The consultation closes on 11th January, and we have submitted our opinion that renewable energy should be one of the indicators.

With just 40 spaces to measure how Wales is progressing, respondents have been advised to suggest indicators which can be dropped in favour of new ones. In our opinion, indicator 32 (healthy ecosystems), is a high-level indicator which could be made up of healthy soil, water, air and biodiversity levels. This gives space for renewable energy to claim a place within the indicator list.

A number of indicators could be combined to give space for a renewable energy indicator

Speaking about the consultation, David Clubb said:

“We know that renewable energy is a powerful force for good in our society. It creates huge numbers of jobs compared with fossil fuel and nuclear energy, produces very low levels of greenhouse gases and pollution, and can be a major contributor to system resilience, as well as being highly cost-effective.

“We look forward to seeing renewable energy take its place amongst the other important indicators for measuring Wales’ progress towards a truly sustainable future.”

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RenewableUK Cymru has also endorsed the call for an indicator on gender equality.