The Minister for Natural Resources, Carl Sargeant, has recently written to local authorities reminding them of their duty to support the move to a low-carbon society, and in particularly their obligation to facilitate the take-up of small and medium-scale renewable energy projects.

The letter outlines the need and the policy, and also the disappointment that not a single local authority in Wales has formulated local policies to support this shift.

In particular Carl notes that the planning system should support the identification of sites for renewable energy generation “irrespective of any short term decisions on financial support….being taken by the UK Government”.

Local authorities in Wales

Are our local authorities in Wales letting down our future generations?

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Speaking about the Minister’s intervention, David Clubb said:

“Carl¬†has a great track record of recognising the huge positive benefits of renewable energy, and has been outspoken about the need to rapidly¬†increase their deployment.

“This communication increases the pressure on our local authorities which have sometimes acted as an impediment to the low-carbon future which our citizens, and their constituents, both desire and deserve. Carl is to be commended for once again highlighting the rights of our future generations to organisations which have been slow to capitalise on the huge opportunities which renewable energy presents.”