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The UK Government has today confirmed a slight improvement in grace periods for onshore wind from those originally proposed, which will give a modicum of improved confidence for some developers and investors in the sector.

The announcement comes just days after the respected Bloomberg New Energy Finance report on levelised energy costs which described onshore wind as the cheapest form of electricity in the UK.

Onshore wind LCOE

Commenting on the recent news, David Clubb said:

“The Conservatives have generated a huge logical paradox in preventing the development of onshore wind, whilst at the same time professing to want secure reliable and affordable electricity for the citizens of the UK.

“This small improvement for projects under the renewable obligation is to be welcomed, but we have a long way to go before the sector can be reassured that a rational approach to energy policy is being adopted.

With around 1/4 of our electricity generating fleet to be retired shortly, onshore wind will play a massive role in avoiding blackouts in the years to come. Now is not the time to be devastating an industry which creates jobs, generates cheap electricity and secures our energy supply in an environmentally sustainable way.”