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DECC today published the latest in its series of opinion trackers. Interestingly, the questions were far more limited this time, and nuclear and fracking were the only individual technologies of interest.

The data shows that nuclear and fracking have both recorded their lowest levels of support since records began in 2012.

DECC opinion 1508


The net support for nuclear is 9%, and for fracking is -7%. Presumably, support for onshore wind and other renewables is still way up above the 50% mark.

Speaking about the results, David Clubb said:

“With public levels of support dropping through the floor, the Government’s¬†policy of hosing money at the nuclear industry and giving colossal tax breaks to fracking companies flies against the public mood.

“We’re used to questioning the logic, economics and environmental and social impact of Conservative energy policy. Now it appears to be self-defeating from the public opinion perspective too.

“Renewable energy is on track to become subsidy-free within the next decade – something you certainly can’t say of nuclear power. We call on Amber Rudd to¬†consider carefully the implications of supporting expensive, unpopular technologies against a suite of renewables which are generating tax revenue, supporting employment and helping meet our climate change obligations.”