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In April 2014 Welsh Government launched the Wales Community Benefits Register.

This was a very important step for the renewable energy sector; it enabled project developers, owners and community groups to submit information on the money that was circulating in the local economy as a result of the energy developments.

Community benefits register

In a significant departure from what had happened elsewhere, the Wales register allowed for economic activity besides the community benefit fund to be incorporated. In other words, all the contracts employing local surveyors, building contractors, plant operators, ecologists and engineers. All the contracts to local manufacturing companies and suppliers. Security staff, health and safety – in fact, anything which was spent in Wales.

The register is due to be updated shortly, and it is important that the renewable energy industry submits as much information as possible, so that we can continue to make the case that our sector is of high importance to the Welsh economy.

Note that this register covers all technologies, not just onshore wind, so if you’re developing hydro projects, solar farms or biomass plants, please submit your data.

Speaking about the register, David Clubb said:

“This register is a hugely important tool for the sector, but it’s only as good as the data submitted. That’s why we’re calling for all renewable energy companies who have developed projects over the last year to take a look at the register and at the money they’re spending in the local economy, and¬†to provide as much information as possible.”

All information and the forms are available here. The deadline for submissions is midday on 14th September.