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Cenin Group are one of the most successful renewable energy companies in Wales, despite the activity being a side product of their main business activity of producing low-carbon, high-sustainability cement.

Based at Stormy Down, the company has used renewable energy to reduce operating costs and the carbon footprint of their products. The energy side has become hugely successful, with 750 kW of installed photovoltaics, and current developments including a wind turbine and anaerobic digestion.

Cenin Renewables Site

They are continuing to innovate, and are currently investigating the possibility of incorporating energy storage into their systems.

Not content with developing expertise on just energy generation, Cenin have also achieved fame as the proud hosts of the UK’s first carbon-negative (or ‘energy-positive) house, which doubles as their offices.

Solcer House

Cenin are the latest members of RenewableUK Cymru, the trade body for all energy sectors – except fossil fuel and nuclear – in Wales.

Speaking about Cenin, David Clubb said:

“Cenin are a wonderful example of excellence in all forms of energy. What was an interesting sideline to their main product has become a core part of their business. We’re delighted to be able to work with them to support their business activities, and spread their example of best practice across Wales.”

RenewableUK Cymru works hard to improve the profitability of its members, who are located all over the UK but have energy interests in Wales. If you want to find out more about membership, please call the office on 02920 347840.