The Welsh Government is today introducing the Environment (Wales) Bill, the final pillar in a series of legislative measures designed to improve the management and protection of Wales’ natural and built environment. There has been an active campaign to encourage the Welsh Government to include climate change targets on the face of the Bill and we welcome the Minister’s decision to act on this. Wales will now lead by example in the fight against climate change and go above and beyond targets set at a UK level.

Setting an emissions target for 2050, and a series of interim targets will give the renewable energy industry the security to plan forward beyond 2020 and 2030, when UK and EU targets currently expire, in the knowledge that the Welsh Government is committed to reducing Wales’ emissions over the long term.

RenewableUK Cymru is very pleased with this development and we look forward to working with our partners in industry and Government to ensure Wales sets meaningful, ambitious and achievable targets for the coming decades.