RenewableUK Cymru has welcomed the National Assembly for Wales’ Environment and Sustainability Committee report on the Planning (Wales) Bill. The report recommends a number of amendments be brought forward during Stage 2 of the Bill and has taken into account the concerns raised by RenewableUK Cymru and other stakeholders during the consultation and evidence sessions that took place in Autumn 2014.


Commenting, Matthew Williams, Policy Officer at RenewableUK Cymru said: “We are particularly pleased the committee has recommended statutory timescales for the examination of the new category of Developments of National Significance be included on the face of the Bill. This was a key ask from us and our members, and if taken forward will help ensure developer confidence in Wales’ planning system and bring forward the investment we need to transform our energy supply.

“The Planning (Wales) Bill is a significant opportunity for us and our members, working in partnership with Welsh Government and other stakeholders, to create a long lasting and stable planning framework for Wales. This will deliver much needed investment and ensure Wales is able to meet it’s energy needs in a sustainable way.”