A YouGov poll commissioned by RenewableUK Cymru, has found there is continued support for renewable energy in Wales.  Almost two thirds (62%) of the people questioned for the annual survey said they support the development of wind power as part of a mix of renewable and conventional energy.

Sixty four per cent said they are in favour of large scale wind projects in their local council area, compared to just 22% for shale gas and 31% for nuclear.  The highest support was for solar energy, with 81%of people in support of this being built locally.

When it comes to a choice of how people would like their electricity to be generated, renewables win again with more than a quarter (26%) preferring hydro for their main source of electricity generation.  This is followed closely by solar at 23% and wind at 14%.  Fossil fuels such as gas and coal didn’t fare so well at five and two per cent respectively.

The survey also found 65% of people said a wind farm would not put them off visiting an area, with an even greater number (73%) saying the same for the presence of a solar farm.

Commenting on the results of the poll, Dr David Clubb, director of RenewableUK Cymru, said:

“For the second consecutive year, the people of Wales have strongly confirmed their support for renewable energy across all technology types – including onshore wind.

“I believe the benefits of renewable energy, including generating clean energy, allowing greater local ownership and accountability, and providing new opportunities for local businesses and communities, ought to be spread far and wide across Wales.

“This is particularly the case for onshore wind, which has huge potential to support rural communities through developing improved tourism infrastructure, supporting community assets such as local schools, and incentivising new generations of young people to benefit from job opportunities in their area.

“Wales is blessed with a phenomenal renewable energy resource, but we still lag behind Scotland, as well as many of our European neighbours.  We will continue to make the case, and to support the businesses that are a vital part in the transition to a clean, green, responsible future.”

You can view the full results of the poll here.